Push your strong winter perfumes aside ladies, because there are tons of amazing spring perfumes out that you need to try asap! Its always fun to switch up your scent for the new season, so heres a list of fun new fragrances that are my personal faves! 💁

1. “FLOWERBOMB” – VIKTOR & ROLF ✖️ Get it here $30-$260

2. “RHYTHM” – BURBERRY BRIT ✖️ Get it here $64-$105

3. “TORY BURCH” – TORY BURCH ✖️ Get it here $31-$122

4. “NIRVANA WHITE” – ELIZABETH AND JAMES ✖️ Get it here $26-$90

5. “DAISY SORBET” – MARC JACOBS ✖️ Get it here $85

6. “BOMBSHELLS IN BLOOM” – VICTORIAS SECRET ✖️ Get it here $52-$68

7. “WALK ON AIR” – KATE SPADE ✖️ Get it here $98-$124

8. “COCO MADEMOISELLE” – CHANEL ✖️ Get it here $150



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