Hey guys! Since I spend a lot of time traveling for buying trips, my friends have asked me to share some packing & traveling tips with them! It has taken some uncomfortable outfits & severe hunger to learn these rules, but now that I have, I think its time to share them with you!

First of all, I always bring a large ziplock bag or grocery bag to put my dirty clothes in. Some of the trips are 3 weeks long, so I accumulate a lot of clothing I want to keep separate from my clean stuff. I also pack so many snacks (dollar store is the place to go before a trip) because airlines are getting so cheap these days! Most flights will give you cookies/pretzels and a drink but unless you’re going to Europe or Asia they don’t give you a meal.
A little tip about folding your clothing.. My boss actually taught me this one; you lay all of your clothes flat on the floor/bed or lay them over the back of a chair, and then you put about 10 or so pieces on top of each other and then fold all of it in half. Do it with similar sized items, like all pants together, all dresses, shirts, etc. It keeps everything wrinkle-free for when you get to your destination and it saves tons of room!
Okay, now into the necessities!

1. Backpack

I find carrying a cute leather backpack is perfect for the airport, since you need your hands free going through security and customs, so having a backpack is easier because it leaves you hands-free! Always be aware of people behind you though because backpacks can be easy to get into in crowds! Keep your passport in your hand or in a compartment against your back if it has it!


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Blanket Scarf

On the plane they tend to have the AC on full blast.. And since I get cold fairly easily, I always have either a thin travel blanket that I use just for airplanes and airports, or a blanket scarf! I find airports and planes chilly, so I always have many layers on so if I need to I can just take off my cardigan if I’m too hot or throw on a blanket scarf when I’m too cold.


A blanket scarf… Cashmere.. Do I really have to say more?!
Get this Cream Cashmere Scarf here $159
also comes in black & dark & light grey!


Get this Super Soft Scarf here $36


Get this Wilfred Pop Art Blanket Scarf here $85


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Comfy Cardigan

This is really important for me. I love being comfortable while travelling because its so easy to look cute and be comfy with all of those magical comfy t-shirts and leggings out there. Even when I’m going somewhere hot, I throw an oversized cardigan of some sort in my carry-on.


Get this Comfy Cardigan here $75


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Get this ‘Haddon’ Sweater here $110


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Comfy Bottoms

You’ll be walking around in them, sitting, and being in them way longer than you want sometimes, so the pants you choose to wear on the plane are very important! When I see women in dresses or skirts at the airport, I respect them for being able to travel in that, because I would never be able to. Whether you choose a comfy boyfriend jean, or jogger, I trust that you won’t regret comfort over cuteness when you have a 5 hour layover or a long delay!


Get these Cebu Pants here $75


Get these Distressed Boyfriend Jeans here $43


I personally love travelling in black leggings. Whether they’re shiny, leather or just plain black – they’re always the comfiest and my go-to for all climates
Get these TNA Equator Leggings here $22


Get these Baile Pants here $85


Get these Distressed Skinny Ankle Jeans here $27

Comfy Footwear

This one is super important! You sometimes have to walk a mile from one gate/terminal to the next, because traveling is so unpredictable. There’s often gate changes, or delays so you have to walk around to waste time. I love any kind of sneaker to fly in, but keep in mind that you often have to take your shoes off going through security, so quick and easy is best.150149C_standard
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I love bringing books and magazines whenever I travel because planes get boring, and if I’m not tired then I have to be reading something. Also, there are tons of places to plug in your phone/laptop/tablet at airports and on airplanes so I always have all chargers in my carry-on.


Get this Why Not Me? By Mindy Kaling Book here $34


I always love reading Humans of New York’s Instagram posts! They either make me laugh, cry or feel very thankful ❤️
Get this Humans of New York Book here $34


Always my go-to when I need some inspo & advice about taking on the fashion world!
Get this #GIRLBOSS Book here $31


My mom gave me this book to read, and I just finished it on my buying trip, ITS SO GOOD I couldn’t put it down!! I recommend getting this ASAP!
Get The Girl On The Train Book here $19


These chargers are great for travelling because they bend without breaking like the apple chargers!
Get this iPhone/iPad Rope Charger here $36


I sometimes wear my hair down, sometimes up.. But always make sure you have a hair tie on your wrist or in your bag because you never know when you’ll need one.












I made the above picture to show all of the items I have to travel with in my carry-on bag. There’s obviously more things I usually have with me like my laptop/iPad, charger, snacks (always), but these are my essentials. I either carry a backpack or my Longchamp bag (because it literally holds anything I could ever want to bring on a plane) and a purse. I make sure to always have:
 Have an amazing day ladies and be sure to email/comment with any other questions you might have about travelling! 💋


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