Hey little rascals, Happy Sunday! By the looks of all your snapchat stories, it seems everyone had a fun and exciting weekend! Friday night I had a little wrap party for some family and friends to try the products and it was so much fun and successful! I am ALSO getting so excited because I’m going to see my boyfriend IN 4 DAYS!! I can’t believe we’ve already been apart for a month but hey – that’s the life of a hockey wife (gf). I have become quite obsessed with the TV show Hockey Wives btw .. If you haven’t watched it, I recommend it! I love Tiff Parros, she’s a clothing designer in LA and she has the best resting bitch face I’ve ever seen.

ANYWAYS – Today, I’m going to share with you some of my favourite bloggers & why I love them! These women are where I go to get inspiration for posts, outfits and products to try! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!! 🙋🏽💕

1. Sincerely Jules


Jules is one of those girls where anything looks good on her! She always has a unique twist to current trends, making her my first stop when I need some inspo for any occasion!

2. Fashion Me Now


Lucy Williams is based out of London, UK and she has the perfect mix between city-chic and boho. You’ll love the looks she puts together, and she sometimes even styles her boyfriend!

3. With Love From Kat


Not only does Kat have the best hair ever – she also has killer style to make everyone in the world envious of her closet. I find her blog very appealing to look at, and easy to navigate through, which is important!

4. Annie’s World


This lovely lady is perfect for the chic office-girl. If you have an office job, she has great outfit ideas that are appropriate, but also super cute!

5. Fashion Quite


Since this fashionista is from Milan, I don’t understand half the stuff she writes – however, I love her style and she does a very good job of picking fresh looks that are easy to copy.

6. The Chronicles of Her


Its all about the little details with this one! She always has a fun accessory to tie every outfit together, and they aren’t over-the-top which is refreshing.

7. Te Cuento Mis Trucos


Another blog where I have no idea what she’s saying half the time (unless I’m super interested and take the time to translate it) however, Lola always knows how to pair those tricky ‘statement’ pieces without making your outfit look like an explosion. She’s from the South of Spain, so naturally she wears a lot of fun colours, which makes me want to experiment with some colour here and there!

8. Mi Aventura Con La Moda


Since we’re on the Spain Train.. My next fave blogger is a beauty queen named Helena, who has the best accessories in this world! She seriously has such cool unique pieces (like the hat in the above pic) and knows exactly how to rock them without looking tacky.

9. The Mysterious Girl

Larisa is a model and blogger from Romania. She not only has fabulous style, she also adds in some men’s fashion tips as well! Which can come in handy if you need to get a gift for a boyfriend/friend.

10. Style by Stassi


I fell in love with this sarcastic, sassy betch the moment I watched the show Vanderpump Rules. I would send my friends video clips of her long, extremely detailed descriptions about what she’s going to do to her cheating boyfriend, a girl she doesn’t like, etc. Stassi is the queen of statement necklaces, and she has amazing style!

11. Boobs & Loubs


If you don’t know who this blonde bombshell is, she’s Morgan Stewart – the most hilarious person on Rich Kids of Beverly Hills.. which isn’t really that hard, however, she’s pretty freaking funny. She is known for rocking basics like a boss. She’s my go-to for casual outfit inspo!

12. Fake Leather

Her daily outfits are amazing, because some days she looks casual in jeans and a chunky knit sweater, and other days she has such cute booties and more of a dressy look!

13. Elina Casell


Elina is the wife of Chicago Blackhawks Niklas Hjalmarsson! She is originally from Sweden, but spends winters in Chicago with her hubby and adorable son. I have always loved European fashion, so it’s no surprise that I love Elina’s!

14. Fashion Whit


This Belgium based blogger has amazing inspo for fur, unique jewelry and bold lipsticks.
 15. Blast Style


This Swiss Miss is the master of pairing statement pieces (like a pale pink jumper) with casual pieces so it doesn’t look like she tried too hard. She has unique style and incredible accessories!

16. Blair Badge


Her personal style is very similar to my own, all black/white/grey outfits, which are so simple to put together with pieces from your own closet! She also has great lazy girl hair tricks!

17. The Little Magpie


This is one of my faves because she has a perfect mix between food, home decor, beauty products to try and adorable outfits to copy! She has amazing posts on what skin care to use, affordable options as well as products to invest in!

18. Mind Body Swag


 She has cute freaking outfits all. the. time. And she’s really good at getting perfect angles to see all the details of her outfit! She knows all about the fashion industry and gives great tips and tricks!

19. Happily Grey


You’ve probably seen this fashionista on Pinterest or Instagram, because her looks are always so on point it’s ridiculous! She’s the master of looking effortlessly stylish & put together.

20. Stella Wants to Die


Just because she’s number 20 does not mean she’s not everything you could hope from a blogger & more. She has a killer Instagram and even better style.
I hope all of you had an amazing Sunday Funday!! Check out these blogs when you have a minute, I promise you will not be disappointed and they’ll be saved in your Favourites in no time!


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