Hey babes!! I’m here to brighten up your winter day with some amazing pics from my friends wedding I went to this summer! Shelly and I have been working together and going on buying trips for 4 years now, and let me tell you – she has killer style. I love both Shelly and her hubby, Blake. They are a picture-perfect bohemian couple, man bun and all.

First of all, Shelly made all of the decorations for her wedding, from giant dream catchers to a tipi. It was a totally relaxed and fun day, with giant Jenga to play with, dogs to pet, a sushi bar, and a s’more station (YES you heard right!) Brides usually get super stressed, so I was shocked to see how calm Shelly & Blake both were. They stayed true to what they wanted and threw traditions out the window.


We all chatted and caught up with one another, until Shelly and Blake were feeling ready, and they asked us to gather around the tipi and Shelly’s dad lead her to the front of the crowd. The ceremony was so beautiful and spiritual – there wasn’t a dry eye there. There was live music, great food, and amazing company.


I’m so happy I got to be a part of this magical day, and I wish Shelly and Blake a lifetime of happiness & I wish Blake good luck because he married the craziest cat lady I know!! (And I love her for it – because I’m equally obsessed with my fur baby!)


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