YOOO hunnies! I have been in such a good mood lately – DESPITE the frigid temperatures rolling in, its hard to be in a bad mood when my job is to sit on my phone and talk to my friends! ANNDDD I just found out I get to go somewhere tropical next week for a buying trip!! SO EXCITED. Anyways, back to business.. I have been in Aritzia like 5 days in a row because they have such amazing sales right now! Some things are only $5-$10 off but hey – I’ll take it.

I’m going to show you some of my favourite looks from this popular Canadian store! (side note – some of my American readers may not know about Aritzia! But trust me, you’ll want to after this post!)


Get these Wilfred Free Daria Pant here $125
I got a size XS because the girl said they’ll stretch a full size so keep that in mind!


Get these TNA Leggings here $55
These are perfect for everyday wear. I have about 7 pair I rotate through!!


Get this Wilfred Palmier Sweater here $90
A few of my girlfriends have this sleeveless sweater and I’m so obsessed with it!


Get this Wilfred Medina Blanket Scarf here $75


Get this Talula Lace Bralette here $22
My girlfriend Claire and I recently got this bralette and we love it!! We both got a Medium and it fits perfectly! As busty-ish girls, its super hard to find bralettes that fit properly because we’re small around the band but need a bigger cup!! SO – this one is perfect if you’re like us!


Get this Baboon Cormac Jacket here $199


Get this Wilfred Bossut Dress here $175
Happy shopping babes! There are tons of deals this time of year, so keep your eye out for more posts similar to this, because I love helping my girls get the best deals there are! Ps the Aritzia sale only goes until Thursday so get your order in ASAP!



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