Who else doesn’t want to get out of bed Monday morning? *everybodys hand raises* That’s what I thought! I have gathered 10 of the cutest & quickest Monday Morning Hairstyles for you!

1. Upside-Down Half Bun


Just loop the tail of your pony into a bun, and no one will suspect you did your hair while waiting for the elevator.

2. Messy Low Bun


With this style, dirty hair is encouraged. Haven’t brushed your hair since Saturday (no judgment)? Spray some dry shampoo in there and give yourself the messiest of messy low buns.

3. Bobby Pin Art


Pull some hair back, secure it with bobby pins in the shape of a triangle, done.

4. French Braids


5. Barely There Braid


If you’re not such a pro braider, this hairstyle is an excuse to throw in the towel. Make a couple loops, tie it off, and go.

6. Low Pony


The low pony is the ultimate no-fuss hairstyle. To give yours a little something extra, pull the pony tight, and then lift a few pieces right above the hair tie. This adds a bit lift, ensuring you won’t look like just rolled out of bed.

7. High Pony


8. Side Braid


9. Multi-Braid Bun

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 5.29.16 PM

10. Half Top Knot


Now, when you’re rushing Monday morning, you can throw your hair into any of these do’s and you’ll be set!



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