Growing up, I always thought I was an extrovert. I loved performing, bossing my brothers, cousins & friends around & was SO competitive. If you’ve known me since childhood – you know I liked being the centre of attention for the most part. 🙈🙄 But – as I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized I’ve acquired some introvert traits as well. And for the people like me, who can relate to characteristics on both sides, its called being an ambivert.
Before I had heard of what being an ambivert even was, I had no clue there was another category. People usually label themselves as introverts or extroverts, but in reality, few fit neatly into either of those personality types. Extroverts are generally loud, outgoing and impulsive, while introverts are self-reflective, quiet and reserved. When it comes to me, sometimes going out to the bar seems like the best idea, while the next night, cuddling up with a book & my dog sounds perfect. So, for those of us who are truly in the middle, I thought I’d make a little post dedicated to the ambiverts & shed some light on what it actually means to be one.


Being an ambivert, means..

Ambivert’s don’t necessarily get anxious when it comes to social situations or having to be in a crowd, but sometimes would just rather stay in and be alone.
Sometimes they’re the life of the party & other times would rather be at home with their book or movie. Ambiverts act like extroverts in social situations and introverts when alone.
Ambiverts can be quiet and self-reflective like an introvert, or be outgoing, friendly & approachable like an extrovert. One of the big advantages is that ambiverts are comfortable in a much wider range of situations.


Are you an ambivert?

You think people are super interesting, but at times also very exhausting.
You like partying, but you need to mentally prepare yourself for it.
Some people think you’re quiet, while others think you’re highly social.
Small talk doesn’t make you uncomfortable, but it does get boring.


You think it’s important that people are at ease when in your company.
You’re known to be quite intuitive and good at picking up signals that other people can miss.
You’ve always had a good balance between assertiveness and approachability, you tend to make friends easily.


People feel comfortable with you right off the bat.
You don’t always need to be moving, but too much down time leaves you feeling bored.
You’re pretty creative – you like to express yourself through makeup, art, fashion, drawing, music, etc.


You know when to be outgoing, such as at your work’s happy hour, and when to be reflective, such as during an important meeting. You don’t feel drained by either situation.
You had different friend groups growing up – you have no problem getting along with different types of people.
Being the center of attention is fun for you, but you don’t like it to last.


I hope you enjoyed my post & maybe figured out you might be an ambivert too! I hope you all had a safe & amazing weekend lovelies!!



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