Hello my beauties! This probably will not come as a shock to you, however, I have decided to do a post on how to wear black in the summer! Just because Canada is starting to feel more tropical, doesn’t mean you have to put your favourite black pieces away until the fall. As you probably know by now, all-black outfits are my staple outfits for winter, but I find that its difficult to incorporate black into my summer wardrobe without sweating my butt off. Here are some easy outfit ideas for wearing black in the summer.

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What to wear to an Easter function?! Its always hard deciding what to wear for Easter, but just know – you can’t go wrong with pastel colours or white. Since its coming up this weekend, you probably want to use something you already have in your closet, or maybe go out and buy one new top/necklace and go from there! So I’ve found some cute inspo for you to copy and get ideas from for this weekend!

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