10* 2016 FALL TRENDS

As much as I love summer and the warm weather, its around this time of year that I get an itch for fall. I just cannot wait, I love everything about this season.. hot chocolate, football, pumpkin flavoured everything, Thanksgiving, layers, blanket scarves, boots, hats, leather.. I’m just so excited for it all! Since this is my absolute favourite time of the year, I thought I would put together my 10 hottest trends for Fall 2016.

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HI BABES! I hope your week has started off fabulously!  I have been so busy with buying trips the past few weeks, so I apologize for not posting more, but I’m going to post regularly again, I PROMISE.
I figured since we are all on our phones a bit too much, we might as well stare at a cute background, right?! I gathered some of my faves, so I hope you find one that you love to start your summer off right!

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HEY LADIES – HOW FRIGGIN COLD WERE YOU TODAY?! I personally was freezing my butt off.. I’m already so over winter, all it brings me is ugly snow tires, dry skin, and so much layering that makes me look like I’m chubby toddler 🙂 But I’m so excited I’m leaving for Georgia on Monday, where the weather is that perfect fall temp… The way winter should be.

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